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Abberton Rural Training - Delivering Skills to the Rural Community


Course options:

Feedback from participants has been very good and progress for most participants has been better than anticipated with 11 now in full time employment, 7 in part time employment, 42 in further education, 17 in voluntary work and 5 progressing with self employment.  28 of these had diagnosed severe medical needs.  

PB - Suffering from long term alcohol dependencies, and confidence issues, PB was extremely isolated, and had not gone out of the house in the last two years.  He has gained in confidence tremendously over the course, has not drunk for 12 weeks, has gained voluntary work with a wildlife charity, and is hoping to work towards further developing his love of photography into a business and is attending a photography for business course.  He is continuing to attend ART one day per week for continued support.

AT - Suffering with medical difficulties, including being partially sighted, AT had been extremely isolated, being virtually housebound for 20 years.  He not only has attended the groups, he started voluntary work as an administration assistant two days a week and  has now been taken on full time on an apprenticeship in order that he can also continue in further education.  He advised that being on the course has changed his life, really inspired him, and he didn’t want to go back to being stuck in the house.  He now feels he has more to give, and is progressing well.

CC - Suffering with mental health difficulties, having tried to commit suicide three times in the past year, CC had very low confidence, was extremely anxious and would often ‘close in’ on herself.  With extensive support and encouragement, CC has made excellent progress, has commenced her own self-employment business with a stand at a local market two days per week currently, and has gained tremendously with her ability to manage her condition and to not allow herself to become isolated.  She is continuing one day per week with the project for ongoing support and continues to make progress.  She also stated the course had ‘saved her life’.  She has not made any further suicide attempts during her time with us.

FM - Suffering from severe anxiety and sectioned under the mental health act, FM was reluctant to join the course at the beginning.  She has progressed amazingly well over the period, and is continuing on further education, as well as gaining work experience at a vetinary practice, and has an interview pending for a position at a rescue centre.  She stated ‘Thanks for helping with my confidence.  I’m a lot braver than I was before going to the groups.’

These are just some of the amazing stories from last year - we have so many we couldn’t include them all!  We look forward to doing it all again this year....!!!

Case Studies - from DWP Skills project 2014/15

Just some of the feedback from our participants from 2014/15 academic year:

‘Looking back when I started I didn’t go out, I didn’t communicate with anyone, but support from the college has helped.  It has put me on the right path.’

‘It’s nice that where we learn it’s away from everything.  The classes are a good size, quite small - not nerve wracking.’

‘Transport was provided which made it easier for me as the buses are not good where I live.’

‘I feel more chatty.  I have come out of my shell more.  I am always in the team doing work.’

‘It’s a brilliant course, good support, everyone’s helpful and look out for each other.’

‘I have better money management, I am saving now and am planning a holiday abroad.’

What our participants said...

‘[Abberton Rural Training] offered a well received programme at reasonable cost.  The provider made every effort to meet it’s referral profile and due to those efforts actually achieved over and above in terms of starts.  This is a difficult customer group due to the multiple barriers they have, so the achievements gained so far are extremely positive.’

DWP Evaluation Report Conclusion

‘I would just like to congratulate all those concerned for the brilliant Land based Skills Courtse at Abberton.  I have referred several young people on to the Land Based Studies course.  All have maintained their attendance throughout and have made amazing progress.  The young people have certainly gained so much from the course - not just qualifications, they have increased their employability skills and confidence too.

We have had terrific feedback from the students and they are very proud of their achievements which is also evidenced around the site!  I will certainly be referring further students on to the course next year.’

                               Helen Hounsell, Targeted Youth Adviser, Essex County Council

What our partners said...

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