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Abberton Rural Training are delighted to be able to support the Wounded and Injured Service Personnel through the Colchester Personnel Recovery Centre, Chavesse House, at the Colchester Garrison.  Working closely in partnership with Major Colin Peall AAC, OC of the PRC and his excellent team, we were asked to help with Vocational Courses as part of their recovery programmes - for both Personnel hoping to return to full service, and those being medically discharged.

We provide 1 day introductory Woodland and Land Courses, and a 5 day intensive Land Based Studies programme, which includes:

So far this year we have had nearly 200 personnel complete the courses, and the feedback has been simply excellent.  We have been visited by a number of key officers to see what the fuss has been about, with hugely positive results.  

Just seeing the pleasure on the faces of those involved, especially with injuries and PTSD to deal with, has been an honour.  

We are currently working on raising funding for the next academic year, and hope to be able to offer more, as demand is certainly there!  If you can offer any assistance in terms of funding, or would like to join a course, whether you are still serving or have retired, please contact Jacqui Stone by email: jacqui.stone@abbertonruraltraining.org  

Have a browse through some of the photos below!  We think they say it all.